Opération Seaworld "You" is Love !

Opération Seaworld "You" is Love !

Anonymous Opération SeaWorld #opSeaWorld. "You" est un jeune phoque. "You" vit sur le bassin d’arcachon. "You" est l’ami des surfeurs et pêcheurs. "You" est Libre ! En octobre 2013, CNN diffusait « Blackfish » (L’Orque tueuse), une enquête sur la mort, en (...)

Hello directors of SeaWorld, We are Anonymous

Hello directors of SeaWorld, We are Anonymous

Hey SeaWorld, Remember when Scientology was a thing? We hope you are having as much fun with this as we are. As you know, we are still here (still not "bored") and with every passing day your failure to account for the lies and abuse exposed by Blackfish (...)

Anonymous Operation SeaWorld

Anonymous Operation SeaWorld

SeaWorld ! This one’s for you. Pressure has been mounting on you since the activist documentary Blackfish was released earlier in the year. Since then, your true nature has become apparent.Even your own investors are fleeing in the hundreds as your (...)

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