FemAnonFatal Manifesto

For Far too long we were made to stand behind the backs of those who thought they can control our voice. That it was their place to tell us how to talk, what to wear and who to fuck, when and how to vote, what defines a woman and what is equality. They have never seen us as equals! They silenced us, defending themselves in a public eye and held panels to talk about our reproductive right and out bodies.

This is FemAnonFatal

We raise the flag of our sisters around the world in solidarity with women who fought, who were prosecuted and died for us to have a voice today. For women who stand shoulder to shoulder at protests and rallies, who educate and support one another, who fight for equal pay and a right to choose, who understand the struggle of childcare and a choice of not having children. Who do not victimise but praise women’s courage to speak out, who listen, who fight, who are selfless and open-minded. For every girl and every woman around the world who knows the struggle of womanhood. Women who are being force into marriages, raped, harassed, women who live with trauma of genital mutilation. Women who are forbidden to make their own decision and are force fed lies about the existence of equality. Women who are being brainwashed by society to the point of becoming anti-feminist.

We Had Enough!

For those who caged women in basements, for sex tourists. For those who sold us like property in advertisement or sex industry, for those who see women only as servants to their sexual fantasies or agendas. For those who fear us so they beat and silence us. For those who think this is all it takes to be a man, that use their masculinity to rape, maim, torture and control women. For those who prey on children and the fragile. For sex traffickers - To those we have only one thing to say - You Should Have Expected Us!

FemAnonFatal is a collective

NOT an individual movement
NOT a place for self promotion
NOT a place for HATE
BUT a place for SISTERHOOD
It Is A place to Nurture The/A Revolution
Let Us write A New Chapter in Herstroy

Our Goal is One Voice to Unite Many - The Time Is NOW!

Take Action

#Anonymous #Anonymiss #FemAnonFatal #OpFemaleSec.

Useful information on Anonymous and FemAnonFatal

You do not need to be a hacker, a computer genius, or any kind of other stereotype associated with Anonymous. Share #OpFemaleSec, use information, and support secure online platforms. There are basic and easy to set-up encryption and security services. Anonymous networks that will help you set up secure IRC services, explain Tor use, Tails OS and many other great things you can and should use daily. We will leave you with few main links below.

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ONE VOICE to Unite Many

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Our station “Radio Vendetta” is orientated to bring you news, information and create a plausible work platform. We are here to share tools to help you stay Anonymous. To give information on how to protect self and others from data leaks and invasion of 3rd parties.