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The US government is seeking to extradite British citizen Lauri Love to face hacking charges. Lauri has Asperger's Syndrome and his case has been likened to that of Gary McKinnon, whose extradition was blocked by the then home secretary Theresa May in 2012 on human rights grounds.

Lauri Love wins appeal against extradition to US.

5 Feb 2018. Lauri Love, the British student accused of hacking into US government websites, will not be extradited to face trial in America, the high court has ruled. Lawyers for the 32-year-old, who lives in Suffolk, had argued that he should be tried for his alleged crimes in the UK and that he would be at risk of killing himself if sent to the US.

The court accepted both of the main arguments advanced by Love’s lawyers that there was no reason he could not be tried in England and that he might suffer serious damage to his health if he were extradited. Read more: The Guardian.

Victory for Lauri | No Love for US Government.

17 Feb 2018. Lauri has scored a huge victory. The US has confirmed that their “oppressive” attempt to extradite him to face a potential 99 year prison in medieval prison conditions is over. This is a huge victory for Lauri and for Courage Foundation. Our ability to keep fighting – and winning! – these battles depends on your support.

Lauri has been permanently banned from Twitter.

14 Mar 2018. The activism community was shocked by the news that Twitter had permanently suspended @laurilove.

It is especially troubling as an activist, who has recently depended heavily on the platform to organize a campaign which help narrowly save my entire life from being destroyed by extradition to the USA –had this malicious reporting been successful six months or a year ago then I might not be here now because we may have lost our legal battle as a result of not being able to organise and engage in outreach.

The Register

BREAKING: Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited to America

Accused hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited to United States to stand trial, the High Court of England and Wales ruled today. The grounds were that Love's alleged crimes were committed in the UK, meaning the forum bar - section 83B of the Extradition Act 2003 - was engaged...

The Courage Foundation

Victory: High Court rejects Lauri Love extradition

In a major victory for Lauri Love, the High Court has approved his appeal and quashed his extradition. As Courage Case Director Naomi Colvin said, “This ruling is a massive victory for free expression online, for the fair treatment of neurodiverse people and for those of us who have drawn attention to the dire treatment of hackers and information activists in the United States.”

The Independent

My partner Lauri Love could be saving the world from cyber attacks but instead he faces a 99-year prison sentence

Lauri Love is an activist, a physicist, a computer scientist, an angel and the person I want to spend my life with. He is stubborn and smart, near to the point of arrogance, and he fights every battle he can against injustice.

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Our ability to defend Lauri Love relies on your generosity.

THE SPIRIT OF '68 | Byline Festival

24-27 august 2018. Think. Debate. Laugh. Dance and change the world.

After the revelations from Edward Snowden made clear absolutely anyone’s privacy and security on the internet is not at all guaranteed, and that government agencies will circumvent laws to enable them to do this, undermining a fundamental principle of democracy and the UN Human Rights charter. Privacy and the mining of big data is of concern to Lauri Love.

Lauri is back to Byline Festival #London #England - his opening talk at the data dome was a highlight in 2017.

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