RedHack - For the world revolutionary public

RedHack - For the world revolutionary public

Anonymous component, member, supporters and friends;

Press Release from RedHackers.

A short while ago from YAN (@YourAnonNews) account published that RedHack and Anonymous permanently broke their relationship. Before this message, we would like to emphasize that, with this answer, we are not absolutely polemic, we want to avoid the practice of harming reputation of Anonymous and RedHack.

Because we have such debates, before it is made public by Anonymous and RedHack "internal discussion" to be done as, (a tight argument, criticism and self-criticism after the manner of the sharpest mechanisms) however, if the problem cannot be solved, then declare our problems to the public "restrictedly”. It is a necessity for us to follow the revolutionary responsibilities.

  • Who wants that the enemy delights in thinking that we are falling on each other, pumping despair to the people of the world? Who could it be other than the enemy who wants it?

We are sorry to say that, unfortunately, explanation which is made for the name of Anonymous in YAN (@youranonnews) account, before that also the explanation that Crypt0nymous (Cry) did (willingly-unintentionally) caused our enemies to rejoice. Opening to the public the problems that we can resolve between us, without consulting us, with one-sided and limited knowledge, going even further announcing that for the name of Anonymous that they are put on suspend their relationship permanently with RedHack is regrettable for revolutionary responsibilities. It is even more sad that we have to write these lines in such a way that the public enemies can see them by forcing us to explain against it.

Valuable YourAnonNews (YAN) account administrators:

We’d like to tell you a little bit about what we’re up to. It is clear that you will not understand what we are saying until you understand which situation we are in. In Turkey, in which we live, we live to the very root of fascism, in such a way that even Hitler will have mercy. The fact that most journalists are arrested, people are imprisoned for expressing their views, tortured, forced to swear allegiance, the cost of being dissident, the cost of saying "We do not want you" to the government, we are faced with all kinds of dangers including the loss of our lives.

Journalists, lawyers, intellectuals, artists, representatives, everyone who can think of representing our society should be in front of the society, is being arrested in the slightest democratic demand, being taken from his home and being forced to flee Turkey, and some of them still resisting in Turkish prisons.

Over the last few years, more than 50 people, thought to be connected to RedHack, have been detained and 15 of them have been arrested. Despite numerous operations, RedHack continued to take action. Still four journalists including Deniz Yücel are unlawfully detained in Turkish prisons for reporting the leak of RedHack’s government’s corruption. They kidnap people who they think they belong to us in ways they do not have the slightest knowledge of where they are taken for months, the innocent people who are thought to be members of RedHack are exhibited in fascist accounts, their lives are endangered by targeting fascists, and innocent people are being criminalized.

On dozens of platforms like Twitter-Facebook, our account is closed, access to our web sites we have opened is restricted, and the name RedHack is banned nationwide.

The newspapers can not even make our news out of fear, they are putting them in jail for saying "RedHack perception team." We don’t know whether we need to add that the people who are arrested, the victims, and the innocent people who are under arrest for RedHack are being tortured in disgust and unworthy of humanity, and believe me, we can’t end up counting what we’ve been through.

While the process has gone so badly, RedHack has been fighting for the peoples of the world for 20 years, for all its oppression, all operations, all foot games, all pressures.

Do we also need to explain how difficult it is to fight in a country where even the smallest of our news contributors have been plotting and causing trouble, where all the communication devices in the country are listened to, where everyone is seen as potential terrorists, where people are tortured, where we get up tomorrow morning and don’t know that how we wiil be or are we going tol ive or not? We’re sure you’re reading all this from the news, but please take it as "pouring in". The fingers that write these lines are not certain what tomorrow will be like. It is very different to live apart from reading, believe in it sincerely.

You also know very well that if you are not accused of being imprisoned, disliked the government, open your unlimited and high-speed internet in a (minimum democratic) country that is accepted as "freedom of thought" and wear a V-mask to make news about operations or operations outside its own country , it is easy to tweet, so to be Vendetta. But what about being a Vendetta in a country where a real Creddy lives?

But what is it like to be a Vendetta in a country where torture is normalized by being thrown into close quarters with being tortured by police raids every night , without a lawyer of the Socialists, Anarchists, Kurds, Alevis, Women, LGBTI people, workers, Journalists, Academicians, in short, of all the otherrelated elements of society?

While it’s a big problem writing even a single tweet it takes days to prepare it , to do great actions and not get caught? And while all this is happening, the fact that you have to struggle for life, work to feed your stomach-the reality that you have to strive, the "principled" fact that your special problems are plentiful and that you can’t solve them by using your skills?

We’d like you to look at it with some empathy. While you’re trying to keep your promise to the public,to protect your existence, to grow by taking risks, your friends thinking you’re making mistake and they are turning their back to you? Please ask yourself and please make sure that we do not say what we say to insult anyone, to disrespect their struggle, as if we are in the worst situation, and that we do not try to humiliate you by saying that you are very comfortable, just to express our situation.

Otherwise, we know very well that our comrades from thousands of Anonymous people are working hard on similar conditions and paying a price, and our respect for them is endless.

Maintained a continuous presence for over 20 years as a hacktivist organization, of course, there has been our faults but our mistakes have never been of a quality to victimize our people or our friends. As we have made great victories, as we have given hope to the people, there were also those who saw the power of the enemy and ran away from us, who had been defeated by the power of money, and who had given up on the power of the strong. Just because we had the operation, there were some people who turned to their own pink-faced world and legitimized this tension by throwing mud at RedHack.

In our 20-year history, there were renegades as well as heroes. These are our history and things that might have happened.. But whatever it is, we are not in a position to bend our friend’s neck and make our enemy happy! Therefore, we do not want to engage in a "back" discussion on the basis of Crypt0nymous (cry), which provides support for YAN (YourAnonNews).

Anyway childish debates like; “You did it, I did it” do not fit neither RedHack nor Anonymous. We will not engage in any kind of back-and-forth discussion, even if this situation born as a result of such discussion (even if they were not asked) by a statement published in the YAN account. We will not respond to the explanation of "violating the rules of illegality" from the YAN account and endanger us, even though Crypt0nymous has threatened to "publish" our conversations in certain operations, such as "crypt0nymous" nor the YAN account it uses will not respond to the same act, and we will not make that mistake.

The person or persons who made the statement in YAN and cry’s own hasty statement show that they are reacting and do not even understand why they have stopped the relationship. It is normal that their haste and impulsive state, although they do not understand, is developed on the basis of love and personal belief in Cry, since it is clear that we are approaching Cry at this base, and we value Cry in spite of a lot of problems. This is not because we have nothing to say, but rather because we have a lot to say. But it’s not here, it’s not time. We can’t discuss here any issue that could hole the illegality, lead to deciphering. Our revolutionary principles do not allow this. But we need to make a small reminder on other issues, In YAN’s article, the point of not meeting Cry for 6 months is not true. Without a meeting request, we can’t.

But let’s say we did not meet despite the demand, as you said, this should not be a problem, not 6 months, even 16 months we could not be able to write, fascist rule in country and we can’t go to an Internet cafe and write "hello cry" unfortunately.

Besides, what’s the point in our relationship with cry? You don’t know this. Cry, was "just" a support account that supports RedHack, two years ago they said: "I want to move with Anonymous and support you from there”.

In other words, when we have no organizational relationship with Cry, we had a nervous Cry, who finds himself in a position to ask "asking questions" or even "asking for an account". The RedHack organization has the right not to answer these questions. We don’t think we’re going to tell someone outside our organization about our organizational status and our secrets just because they helped us?

We do not have any responsibility and concern for those who are outside our organization, those who try to undermine the illegality of our organization, those who try to resolve their personal curiosity, and our regulation prohibits such situations.

First of all, we expect you to ask Cry why he is an enemy of RedHack and why he is in relationship with RedHack enemies. While there was no organizational relationship with RedHack how does Cry have the right to ask for an account as if there was an organizational relationship? It gives the impression that he is "doing his own" actions while they were only helping to RedHack for announcing closed accounts and a help in logistics (account opening, announcement etc.) issues?

He mentions that an account has been decrypted, that RedHack’s password has never been cracked or hacked.

  • Who is the one who opened up the account that revealed innocent people who sympathized with RedHack?
  • Please ask this to Cry.
  • Did RedHack opened it or is it out of control/knowledge of RedHack?
  • If RedHack didn’t open it, who did then?
  • If RedHack did not open it, does RedHack responsible for the accounts opened for RedHack? Ask this to them.

In addition, in your article, you said, "how the account of the 20-year organization was hacked, so we’re cutting it off," this account that doesn’t belong to us could be hacked, and while we’re bombing a place, someone could bomb us too. We don’t have stupid egos like "we don’t get hacked." We are fighting and we see this war as a whole, not as parts. As we say, there is no hacking. In this account, which is said to be hacked and not opened by RedHack, when names are given, Cry’s name, which is clear that he is telling everyone his whereabouts, is not given, and this fascism has been passed only on to him.

What is the reason of fascism’s "favor" to Cry? We have 2 accounts and other accounts have been closed by Twitter at the request of the Turkish government.

  • Who is giving Cry the right to "claim the account" claiming to be hacked when we do not have a hacked account?
  • What is the reason that in his own Twitter account, he perceived that we didn’t respond as "afraid" and threw threatening tweets and tried to weaken RedHack in front of the enemy? Serves what?
  • What is the reason why, by gossiping, he tries to decipher the people who have repeatedly proven innocence, who have been victimized by the police, as "in one-to-one conversations," with accusations of innocence, to target fascism and "this is actually what it is"?
  • If innocent people are arrested for these expressions of Cry, will Cry be able to give us and the revolutionaries the account?
  • What is the reason for this "sudden" changes in Cry, angry and whatever we say, the ego of "Don’t think of yourself as something" threatens us with Anonymous and YAN by saying, “face with YAN not with me", that he thinks Anonymous is his father’s farm, which is strange and childish? Not being a point in life?

Well, I’m sorry, but for us, with their selfish attitude, it’s only a comma in this life. Although we have sent a message to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, why didn’t we get our messages, why did we get a "false information" about Julian Assange, egoist populist etc? Please ask him what is the reason of being together with people who are making fake rumors about people who cant be here and cant talk here but who helped to RedHack in last 3 years even if they dont have any relationship with organization. There are many similar questions, you ask them. Take the answer yourself and discuss it within yourself, for we do not find it right to open a new polemic by giving us the answer, which is only for you to find the answer to the questions in your mind, and for us It is about to be clarified.

We don’t want RedHack illegality and our inner rules to overwhelm you, and we don’t want to do it in front of the enemy. We hope that you understand that, to avoid damaging both Cry and YAN, to make the enemy even more welcome, we say again; we will not go into this issue deeply. But it is not acceptable to try to test our "sensitive" silence. In the name of Anonymous, we want the mobilization of Anonymous labourers to end and the observance of the Anonymous principles.

Finally, let’s just say that taking a stance on Cry or on the "personal" look of Cry to us, without asking us a single question, breaking your relationship with RedHack, is lacking in science. It is true that we were angry with cry at the time that these problems (there are reasonable reasons we did not explain here) were a problem that could be solved between us, we have the right to be angry from his ridiculous-meaningless attitude because of our deep and strong friendship, also with Anonymous (which is much earlier than Cry), no one has the right to weaken the world revolutionary fundamentalist movement with its head-arm relations and feudal attitudes. This is an attitude that does not fit into our friendship relationship until many years, apart from being deprived of Science.

This situation has upset us more than anything else. What we need most is that those who turn their backs have what we call a friend has injured us.. We say this with all sincerity, so please consider this with all sincerity. We insist that it is our debt to the peoples of the world that you return from the stance and the attitude that makes us all sad and busy.

Note: If you want to know more, we can only clarify the situation by writing a special article for you, but we underline that we do not want to write openly in front of the enemy until the end. It is our hope that you will answer the questions we ask you in yourself and open a "special" channel accordingly. No one should drop us in a position to please the enemy. Don’t let him drop you.

Wait for us. And remember, No matter what happens, we win! "We love you very much."

  • Down with fascism, chauvinism, capitalism, feudalism and all sorts of reactionaries!
  • Long live, struggle and solidarity of the Hacktivists!
  • Long live Revolutionary Solidarity!
  • Long live Anonymous!
  • Long live RedHack!
  • Long live Hacktivism!
  • Long live Freedom, equality and class brotherhood!
  • We Don’t Forget, We Don’t Forgive, We Don’t Compromise!

"You can stop one of us, but never all of us"

  • Hack for the people.
  • Against to the facism hooray RedHack!
  • RedHack (Kızıl Hackerlar Birliği- RedHackers Association) and
  • On behalf of Anonymous Turkey
  • RedHack/MK (Central Committee)

Tuesday 27 March 2018 > Türkçe

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