Dmitry Bogatov

Dmitry Bogatov arrested for running Tor relay.

The Tor Project has been following with interest the case of Dmitry Bogatov in Russia. What we know right now is that serious accusations of wrongdoing have been made against a valued member of our community, a person who has, among other things, been a Tor relay operator, Debian Developer, GNU developer, and privacy activist. We are collecting facts, monitoring the situation closely, and sharing information with allied organizations and individuals.

May 18, 2018 - Russia’s Tor Node Administrator Acquitted of Terrorism Charges.

Bogatov’s attorney Alexei Teptsov told the state-run TASS news agency Thursday that investigators had closed the case after concluding that Bogatov did not commit a crime.

AnonUK Radio - FreeBogatov

AnonUK Radio - FreeBogatov

Global internet activist conversation. Guests: legendary hacker John Draper aka Captain Crunch and Raymond Johansen (Pirate Parties International). Early hackers were the enthusiasts and homebrewers of their time, interested in finding out how things (...)

Dmitry Bogatov - Global Call for Action

Dmitry Bogatov - Global Call for Action

#FreeBogatov -  Global Call for Action: ‘Selfie Protests’ -  Russian embassies. Dmitry Bogatov was arrested April 6th on bogus charges and risks a 20 year sentence. Few have any doubts that Bogatov was arrested for simply running a Tor Exit Node from his (...)

Statement concerning the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov

Statement concerning the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov

The Debian Project is concerned to hear that one of our members, Dmitry Bogatov, has been arrested by Russian authorities. Dmitry is a mathematics teacher, and an active Debian contributor. As a Debian Maintainer, he worked in the Debian Haskell group (...)

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