Anonymous Press Release #OpICE

Anonymous Press Release #OpICE

Press Release #OpICE - Greetings, We are Anonymous.

The voiceless, those seeking shelter from the harm of their governments have looked upon the United States as a beacon of hope for many generations.

The Statue of Liberty invites the repressed - the huddled masses entry for safety, but that is no more. The screams and cries of children wishing for the embrace of their parent’s arms is what America represents now. Pediatricians in the USA and across the globe agree; the mental trauma of separating a child from their parents is abusive and traumatic, a trauma which will last a lifetime.

Repression is what the US represents now.

Gone is the empathy for even that of a child and its mother, gone is the light your country once had, snuffed out by a bumbling buffoon. Your society has become so sick, it believes the lies, it relishes the lies.

  • The fascists say they’re not caged, we see cages.
  • The fascists say they’re not separating children from their parents, we see the contrary in their paperwork and with their public admittance that they are.

How heartless a society is when it ignores the plight of children?

We are not here to make demands, we are here to confront and help dismantle the fascism of the USA that is affecting the world. We’re not even going to make any threats, actions are louder than words.

What can you do? You’re not powerless. Stand up for these children.

Mobilize, unite under a banner and tell them "No more!" We can put an end to all of this suffering. Building a wall won’t cure the migrant issues, only love, kindness and hospitality can do that. This has no political side. When children are involved and they are suffering, everyone needs to throw aside their political differences and stand up for these kids.

Children are not illegal. Humans are not illegal.

Stand with Anonymous starting on June 28.

We will take to the streets and occupy all ICE facilities. Use the hashtag: #OpICE, #OccupyICE.

  • We will no longer tolerate the inhuman and cruel actions imposed on human beings by the Trump regime.
  • We will not tolerate fascism within the United States.
  • We will not tolerate white supremacy on our streets.

This event will be in solidarity with the men, women, and children who are currently suffering under the boots of ICE. This event will be in solidarity with our Anonymous operatives who continue to fight the hatred within our country in #OpDomesticTerrorism. Democracy may have fallen, but we will rise.

  • We are Anonymous,
  • We are legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect us.

Monday 25 June 2018 > italiano

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