RedHack and the world revolutionary movement

RedHack and the world revolutionary movement

Dear members of Anonymous, the Anonymous Family, our Hacktivist friends and the world revolutionary movement.

In a statement made in the name of Anonymous and published by YAN, RedHack was said to have been disconnected, whereas RedHack saw himself as part of Anonymous, whereas Anonymous call us “Us”, we cannot understand how we are disconnected from what we are already subject to when the Turkish government judges that they are not only from RedHack but also from Anonymous.

  • Who gives this authority to the YAN account?
  • While Anonymous member are paying prices, only for that a Twitter account has too many followers, are they able to establish a relationship with what they want on behalf of Anonymous?
  • Isn’t that contrary to the Anonymous philosophy?

Despite all the negativities (within Anonymous), we are not going to open these negativities as we have said), We have participated in all the operations we can, and we have defended Anonymous everywhere. We did not receive any help from YAN, other than the press and media announcements, the action news, the announcements of our closed accounts and the access to Wikileaks.

We have carried out all the actions we have carried out so far without the assistance of an external power or any other Imperial power, only by relying on our own power, and even by the actions that Anonymous has initiated against Turkey, in the name of Anonymous, even when there was no one left to initiate the operation. Because we’re Anonymous, RedHack in Anonymous. Because we do not have "you" or "we". As long as we work for the benefit of the people, as long as we have hope for the people, it doesn’t matter what our name is for us or whether or not our name is for us.

Therefore, it is sad that our relationship with RedHack, our other family, on behalf of the Anonymous family, is broken, but also contrary to the basic principles of Anonymous.

Anyone who feels Anonymous, who fights injustice under the name Anonymous, who obeys the basic principles of Anonymous is Anonymous. To put Anonymous in moulds, to appoint a leader to Anoymous, to determine the attitude of Anonymous with that leader, to take what we like in the name of Anonymous, to expel what we don’t like, etc., petty bourgeois attitudes is to ignore Anonymous at all, and even to turn Anonymous upside down. We sincerely declare this to all our Anonymous member brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, YAN’s long-term dysfunctional posture has led to the forgetting of anonymous’s general principles, or to the fact that people who never knew Anonymous have authorized YAN’s Twitter account. It is our greatest wish that YAN returned from this mistake. Because today, we have to be more united, we have to show our solidarity and approach each other with more understanding, we can not even make sense of the purpose of this "separation" practice which makes our enemies very happy. We believe that this attitude, rather than the presence of RedHack, has damaged our "own" rooftop Organization, Anonymous. We leave it to the discretion of all our Anonymous members, our revolutionaries, hacktivists and friends who look for a YAN account; what will gain Anonymous from isolating Anonymous in the World or who will want Anonymous or RedHack to stay alone? Given in detail, we believe it can be understood.

While there was a Sabu example trying to contact us on behalf of Anonymous, earning our trust and trying to sell us to the FBI on the same trip as Jeremy Hammond, RedHack has been around all over the place, we have continued to trust and link to Anonymous’s high accounts, defending Anonymous to the end as if nothing had happened. But we see that some of them are still unable to learn from Sabu and many infiltration attempts after that.

Nevertheless, we continue to say loudly, "we are anonymous", because Anonymous is an issue. What should not be lost is a strong position that pumps hope to the peoples of the world. Even if this position says "you are no longer us," we will continue to say that we are Anonymous, to act for Anonymous, to watch Anonymous’s interests, "we are Anonymous."

So we won’t go even if they tell us to go. If we discharge this position, it is clear that our enemies will fill the empty space and use it for their own interests. Unfortunately, this has been seen in history, as we all know. For these reasons, we invite all revolutionary public opinion, socialists, revolutionaries to adopt more anonymous, and to practice more Anonymous.

Now, the urgency is not to engage in childish discussion with each other, not to exulcerate our organization, not to spread despair to our peoples, but to reintroduce the revolutionary principles of Anonymous and to strive to play the role of a true fundamentalist who does not compromise with the system. So now everyone has to be Anonymous, get the Anonymous component up, and we are calling for revolutionary hacktivists.

Anonymous is all of us, RedHack is all of us!

We want the esteemed Anonymous family to have their prisoners, no matter who they are, who are practicing practices that destroy unity, harm solidarity, make the enemy laugh and establish a true solidarity.

It is now time for the rulers to reject this game, and to write our own destiny, and to determine it, and it is time to stand up and be shaken. Now is the time to take the world, which is ours, from the bourgeois crooks disguised as politicians, not individual and petty discussions that break the union.

Anonymous should now get rid of childish tendencies and be the hope for the people of the world again, so we will do our best, we promise! Our expectation is that you, our distinguished members of Anonymous, will condemn this childish situation and the populist approach that disrupts this Union, and they will put forward the principles of real Anonymous. We don’t have time to deal with each other, now we must embrace unity, solidarity and victory with all our strength.

The day is not the break-up, but the day of increasing the same. The day is the day to destroy this theatrical comedy of a handful of parasites, where they see the world as their own farms and the peoples of the world as their own sheep. We want all the friends with this concern to help Anonymous to reintroduce. We can do that, we believe!

From various nationalities to the self-sacrificing peoples of Turkey.

You are deeply dedicated to the recent processes that RedHack has experienced, and we think that you are anticipating how hard we have been through, and we thank our devoted people for their help. But besides these benefits, people who see great bounty with the slightest help or even a single tweet should know that; we do not ask you to give us applause or glorify us, all we ask is that you understand what is being done, respect the labor and the price we pay.

We want you to know that the attitudes approaching us, such as in the slightest negativity, when we are comfortable, we judge people who are not comfortable and pay the price, who see the RedHack struggle as a "goal-throwing" struggle, and who shape everything that RedHack has to do, as if we were paid employees, is causing us a lot of harm and upset. How are we supposed to be successful, both in the fight against the enemy and in the attitudes of people trying to disrupt our morale? No support, but no hindrances, please, is that too hard?

For 20 years, we have been in the processes that everyone swears to us, and in the processes that the majority praise us. But both of them are not important to us. No one can buy our hate with his hatred, nor the love of us with his love. Because for us, It’s not important that people know the name of RedHack or Anonymous, but that they wake up, question, and perform their own duties. On this basis you own us and approach revolutionary principles, we are not all alone at RedHack at Anonymous, we are all.

We can’t get freedom by running away from our own duties.
We can only get freedom when we fight together.

Revolutionary struggle is not a struggle made by a handful of elites but a struggle in which the people are the "subject" in this struggle, that the people have won by putting their hand under the stone. Revolution and freedom are not given to us on the gold platter, both Anonymous and RedHack can’t give it to us , we go and take it back from who took away from us by force. Difficult beats difficult. That’s why everyone have to know and do their duty.

We ask that you, our beautiful people, should help us on this basis and strengthen our goal of spreading our struggle to the masses. If the absence of RedHack and Anonymous will make you more revolutionary, we will cease our existence without thinking. But we still need RedHack and Anonymous. We say this not as RedHack or Anonymous, but as socialist revolutionaries who think we really need it. Now, please let us realize that, let us stand up! If not today, then when?

RedHack members, candidate members and sympathizers.

After all the operations that RedHack experienced, we came to the conclusion that the accounts opened for RedHack and termed "support account" must be terminated. These support accounts opened on behalf of RedHack are very useful for RedHack, as well as the problems we have mentioned above (YAN related issues) that can cause problems. In addition, these beautiful people, who have no organizational ties with us, whose sole purpose is to support us, can be declared RedHack by the government and detained and imprisoned.

For this reason, we decided to close all accounts except official accounts RedHack, and only base the views of the main accounts (@Kizilhack @TheRedhack and @RedHackGroup) on RedHack. Unfortunately, it is clear that such accounts, which have contributed greatly to the spread of our news in a period of time, now have very negative effects on our struggle. We want to thank to our comrades who use these accounts for their labor but we can no longer tolerate them going to jail just because they used this name.

Also, unfortunately, we will not allow some populist malicious people (even a very small sample) who use RedHack support accounts to take their place over RedHack’s wages, and to provide various benefits over Redhack , if necessary we will expose them to the individual revolutionary public. We’re not joking about it. In the past and today, no account opened on behalf of RedHack, except the main accounts, does not connect to RedHack.

Those who act with the name RedHack other than the main accounts are not related to RedHack. RedHack can be put on bio or profile photos, but please don’t believe to the mean people who; abuse RedHack’s illegality and lack of RedHack on other social platforms except Twitter, gives self-impression that they are RedHack as a support account, provides place by saying “we are this”, makes himself a "political career" or collects material gain by using name of RedHack, had no other benefit other than tweeting for RedHack, but organizing a faction as a RedHack member or a former member, show themselves as RedHack on external platforms, such as Twitter Facebook or Instagram other than main Twitter accounts, puts Red in front of their names, exhibit RedHack attitude and get personal interest, raise fund by saying "I’m actually that guy and I got cancer".

We are deeply convinced that all our comrades will do their part on this issue, and we owe thousands of thanks to all our working-class friends who are paying the price and spreading the RedHack struggle for a period of time with support accounts. All comrades; should work harder, for our country for a 2. breakthrough after the Gezi, for World 2. October Revolution, acting on the agenda of revolutionary institutions, in our country Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, in the World Jeremy Hammond and Julian Assange, the great revolutionary will of revolutionaries and dissidents that show in prisons and in custody standing firmly, we invite you once again to spread all over the world through the cables.

RedHack is a red Scarlet that goes clean in the history book and no matter what the public enemies do, history has already been written in the hearts of our comrades.. It’s time to rise again stronger. This is not a luxury this is a task, so we invite all comrades to keep our promise to the people no matter what the end, crowning the honourable struggle of RedHack and Anonymous with greater action. Even if we are destroyed tomorrow, they will continue this struggle, and we trust our people and our comrades..

Note: In a short time, we will publish a newsletter about RedHack actions and orientations and about the positive/negative developments in the last period.

Wait for us. And remember, No matter what happens, we win! "We love you very much."

  • Down with fascism, chauvinism, capitalism, feudalism and all sorts of reactionaries!
  • Long live, struggle and solidarity of the Hacktivists!
  • Long live Revolutionary Solidarity!
  • Long live Anonymous!
  • Long live RedHack!
  • Long live Hacktivism!
  • Long live Freedom, equality and class brotherhood!
  • We Don’t Forget, We Don’t Forgive, We Don’t Compromise!

"You can stop one of us, but never all of us"

  • Hack for the people.
  • Against to the facism hooray RedHack!
  • RedHack (Kızıl Hackerlar Birliği- RedHackers Association) and
  • On behalf of Anonymous Turkey
  • RedHack/MK (Central Committee)

Wednesday 28 March 2018

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